Short Story, Big Impact: Isabella Bernardini

Isabella Bernardini is a student at Southern Methodist University and on Monday, she quickly became a top participant fundraiser for Southern Methodist University’s Dance Marathon program. Within a day, she raised approximately half of their total amount currently fundraised. With a month out from the event, she has currently raised $8,800 individually, and she isn’t stopping there.

Two years ago, Isabella was diagnosed with a brain tumor (anaplastic astrocytoma). After a year and a half of undergoing surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, Isabella is now cancer free! While she still has MRI’s and follow-up appointments at Children’s Health in Dallas, Texas, she has completed all invasive surgeries. Please click here to read Isabella’s full story.

Without the care I received from my local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital here in Dallas and the incredible support from family and friends, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I’ve recognized the precious gift I was given when I not only survived but conquered cancer and now it is my mission to ensure no child suffers through illness or injury alone.” – Isabella

Thanks to care provided at Children’s Health, Isabella is fighting for the next generation – kids who have had experiences just like her. Isabella is an inspiration to not only Southern Methodist University, but to the entire Miracle Network Dance Marathon Movement and Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.


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