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Patient Meets Bone Marrow Donors Who Saved His Life

To celebrate National Donor Day on Feb. 14, one of our patients, Evan, got to meet the two donors who saved his life through bone marrow transplantation. The donors flew from opposite sides of the nation to come to Children’s Medical Center Dallas and meet Evan, surrounded by his care team and family. Evan had leukemia and needed two different bone marrow transplants. Watch the heartwarming video below to see Evan’s reaction as he met his donors for the very first time.

It was a day our patient Evan dreamed about – meeting the two bone marrow donors who saved his life. On Valentine's Day, which is also National Donor Day, that dream came true. Evan's donors, Jon and Dan, flew in from across the country to meet him. The two men say joining the Be The Match registry was an easy decision, one that has impacted their lives and Evan's forever. You can join the registry by texting "childrens" to 61474.

Posted by Children's Health on Tuesday, February 19, 2019